About Us

Welcome to PacketStats.com! We are a site dedicated to providing you with valuable insights into your network with our internet stability tester. We understand how important it is to see how your network is performing over a long period of time, so we designed a tool just for that reason. When building this tool, we wanted to make sure that it was as easy to use as possible. This was so both novices and experts could find this tool useful. What differentiates us from other tools is the ability to quickly and clearly visualize how your network is performing over a long period of time. Other tools stop providing data after as little as a few seconds. This is where our tool comes in.

How It Works

After selecting one of the servers from the list, the client's web browser will proceed to repeatedly ping the server until it is stopped. The amount of time in milliseconds it takes to send a ping to the server and get a response is displayed in both graph and table form. The graph gives a quick insight into your internet connection stability while the table provides a more detailed breakdown.

Constantly Improving

At PacketStats.com, we believe nothing is perfect and that there is always room for improvement. We understand that our app isn't perfect, especially at this stage in development. We are, however, committed to constantly improving our tool so we can provide the most accurate data to our users. We have plans to add new servers all around the world which will provide users outside of the United States with a much better experience. There are also tons of new features in the pipeline that we are excited about releasing soon.


We also value your feedback. We highly encourage our users to share their thoughts and suggestions with us. Your input helps us understand which features should receive a higher priority and which bugs need to be fixed the quickest. Your feedback greatly helps us guide our development efforts. Together, we can build a product that provides everyone with a better experience. Thank you for choosing PacketStats.com as your network analytics tool. We hope to be able to provide you with the unique insights you need to troubleshoot your network connection. Get started today and take control of your network! Visit the home page and follow a few simple steps to begin.